A Specific field of specialization by Piacenti SpA  is dedicated to the restoration of  artefacts in stone. It includes surfaces in  mosaic,  Florentine semi precious stone inlay, plaster, stucco and terracotta. Each intervention is processed on the basis of an in depth study of the technique, the constituent materials of the object and the actual state of conservation. In addition to traditional interventions Piacenti SpA, do laser cleaning, dismantle and reassemble complex structures to restore stability, make molds for facsimile copies, detach and reset sections of mosaic.

Among important works restored by them are “Boniface VIII” by Arnolfo di Cambio (1290), eight panels from the bell tower by Giotto, (Florence, mid-fourteenth century); the balustrades of the main courtyard in the Royal Palace, Naples; the interior and exterior decorations of the church of St. James in Grigno (TN); the Palace of the Podesta in Mantua; the Leopoldine spa in Montecatini Terme (Pistoia) and the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg.