Right from the start the preservation of  wooden artefacts  has been one of the leading sectors in this workshop. Three generations of the Piacenti family have developed specific knowledge about the treatment of wood in all it’s varieties. Care and production of special tools has also been handed down through the generations, not to mention the reserve of rare woods for restoration of antique inlay work which is theirs.

Numerous have been the interventions carried out by  Piacenti SpA  on wooden choir stalls, coffered, trusses, altars and complex architectural structures, frequently decorated with carvings or polychrome effects in wood. Among significant works restored by them are the Plutei of the Laurentian Library by Michelangelo (Florence), the Stigmata of the inlaid choir (1532) by Brother Leonardo da Legnaia in the Sanctuary of La Verna (Arezzo), the benches by Giuliano da Maiano in the Chapel of Santa Fina in the Cathedral of San Gimignano (Siena).