Piacenti S.p.A. – Collaborations and International Exchanges

On occasions Piacenti SpA. participates both in work and with exchanges of experience between international colleagues. The following are some examples:

  • the project of restoration of the sinagog “Dohany Utcai” Budapest, and the restoration project of Kings Library at the British Museum in London.
  • the Asia-urbs project with the restoration of the pagoda of the Ming Dynasty in Wenzhou, in Zehjang province of China, and Vietnam in Hanoi and Hue.
  • conferences in Bejing to Tsingua university, in Shangay at Tongji University, to Istabul to Lufty Kurdar among others.

Piacenti SpA  has long been collaborating with EU bodies in the training of young craftsmen in the field of  restoration. They come from France, Germany, Belgiun, Spain and other EU countries. Access to Piacenti S.p.A. is through Erasmus and other grant offering programs such as “Leonardo”.

The dynamic qualities of  Piacenti SpA  bring together various currents in the field of conservative restoration, promoting exchanges and comparisons that have accompanied it in training and technical development.

The company does not limit its activities to regional boundaries, but maintains contact and exchanges with all research centers in the industry. Among collaborators are the University, the National Research Center, the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, the Central Institute for Restoration, and the Ministry of Culture superintendents through to local courts, museums, manufacturers of materials, specialized professionals, trade associations and other groups serving the community and willing to pool their wealth of experience.

The development of integrated projects, technical surveys and charts by  Piacenti SpA  is performed in collaboration with designers as permitted by L.109 / 94.