Over time Piacenti SpA  has developed specific experience in the field of  recovery and storage  of works of complex architectural value, correlating problems that are at the same time aesthetic, functional and structural.

Care is taken to see that each  monumental complex  and its decorative parts is approached with the mode of action most appropriate to it’s specific case. The following is a list of the different technical and textural types Piacenti S.p.A deals with: stucco, stone surfaces, polychrome wooden artefacts, murals, paintings on wood, canvas and archaeological finds.
Special attention is paid to objects at the moment of discovery prior to commencement of work. A survey of the architectural development of a site, a study of the pathology of ageing, mapping the state of conservation and diagnostic analysis are all of major importance to Piacenti S.p.A.

An object is processed following the basis of the findings of the diagnostic study. A cycle of work is developed based on these findings, generally starting with cleaning operations, then the selection and gradual consolidation of disintegrated parts, until finally the homogeneity is achieved through the various stages using technology and logistics.