JPC – The Jerusalem Press Club – “Restoring The Church Of The Nativity”

Save the date – Thursday, June 9, 2016
“Restoring The Church Of The Nativity”
Experience of a unique Restoration Site
Rest. Giammarco Piacenti, President of Piace

Light refreshments will be served.
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The activity of the Piacenti S.p.A ( is based on traditional craftsmanship with experience going back more than a century (1875). Our strength is the confluence between the technical inheritance of the craft traditions and the application of updated materials and procedures, joined with active collaborations with scientific research institutions. As like as the craft traditions, in our enterprise there is an intense and fruitful interchange between various professional sectors, despite the specific skills for each material: from stuccoes to frescoes, from wooden and polychrome artifacts to stone ones, from paints on wood and canvas to the archaeological.
The company carries out planning and execution of conservative interventions and enhancement of monumental complexes and artifacts of historical artistic interest, by laboratories, internal diagnostic services, equipment and professional requirements, economic and organizational, which allow individual management of large public works.
In addition to an Italian highly specialized team of restorers (with recognized experience and/or diploma OPD) and collaborator restorers, there is a team of architects, art historians, engineers, technicians and administrative employed, involved in various ways for the organization and the practices phases of interventions. A group of specialists is the basis of their work force and this guarantees efficiency in all sectors of restoration.
Please see the Company Introduction and the trailer of the Documentary about the Nativity Church restoration, from the following links:
Promo Piacenti spa :
Teaser Church of Nativity:
password: rest01
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