It is written Piacenti but it is read art and love for restoration. A story that has its roots in the past, as the company was born in 1875 as an artisan workshop and then evolved over the years to become what it is today. We, therefore, combine the wisdom of the past with modernity, the result of scientific research. All of this is seasoned with passion and attention to the preservation of cultural assets scattered throughout the globe. Our company is based in Prato, Tuscany, a land rich in historical monuments, but our work takes us all around the world. We have brought back to their ancient splendor majestic palaces and places of worship, as well as wooden works, paintings, and archaeological artifact

Our team

Giammarco Piacenti


Marcello Piacenti

adviser and administrator

Silvia Starinieri


Daniela Piacenti

adviser and administrator

Our articles

Fontana dei Leoni

It is an important work for the city of Empoli, in the province of Florence. These are the fountain of the Lions in Piazza Farinata…

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Project Interarch

The world of cultural heritage restoration, particularly in architecture, unfolds along a complex path that combines tradition and innovation. The degradation phenomena that affect various…

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