Prensa Latina – Emperor Constantine Traces Could Be Found in Bethlehem Church

Tel Aviv, Jun 13 (Prensa Latina)- Fresh traces of the Roman Emperor Constantine may have been found at Bethlehem”s Nativity Church during a major restoration project underway by Italian company Piacenti, experts said today.

The traces may be seen on reused, decorated wooden material, found a week ago inside Justinian’s architrave and dating back to before that.

The dating, which has to be confirmed with carbon-14, is viewed as “possible” by archaeologists. An appeal was launched in Rome for the restoration of the 50 columns of the Nativity Church.

The Church was build over a cave where it is belivie that Jesus was born and it is one of the most ancient temple of Christianism.

It was build by Constantine the First, first roman emperor who allowed christianism as a religion.

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