Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem – The Basilica of Nativity: Restoration works continue to reveal hidden jewels

BETHLEHEM – Restoration works are still on going in one of the oldest and holiest basilicas in the world; the Basilica of the Nativity. In this second report (1st report) we will talk about the mosaics in the transepts and give an overview of the restoration works that have taken place throughout history.
Mosaics in the northern transept
People contemplating the mosaics in the northern transept can see two Post-Resurrection scenes. The first scene represents the Ascension of Christ in which the Virgin Mary, eleven apostles and two angels can be seen. The second scene is a representation of the Incredulity of Saint Thomas. The mosaic shows Saint Thomas inspecting the print of the nails in the side of Jesus.
Mosaics in the southern transept
The first scene depicts Christ’s triumphal entry into the City of Jerusalem on a donkey whereas the second scene is the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor to the first three disciples He chose, Peter, James and John. Unfortunately, the remaining part of the mosaic is only that of St. James kneeling on his knees, amazed and frightened by what he saw. The scene also includes the feet of the prophet Moses standing on the top of a mountain.

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