Pointing operations on brickwork were carried out in areas marked by the presence of cracks and loss of the original mortar. The work began with the removal of the original mortar no longer functional. Then a thorough cleaning between the bricks took place, keeping the surfaces to be treated wet, and inserting hydraulic lime mortar, compatible in grain size, texture and colour, to the original mortar. Where the masonry presented greater decay and deterioration, the bricks were removed, cleaned and the section rebuilt again using the appropriate mortar.  On these occasions the interventions were carried out under strict supervision of the appropriate authorities.
In particular the PIACENTI Spa team noticed a significant lack of mortar in the joins on projecting areas of the north-west front in Via Broletto, and on the southwest side in Piazza delle Erbe. Owing to the lack of mortar many bricks were not properly anchored in the masonry and were often out of position. In correspondence to the large openings of the belfry wall, mortar proved totally absent due to previous disintegration and subsequent short term maintenance work.