Piacenti S.p.A. – Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem History

Piacenti S.p.A. the restoration of the Nativity Church in Bethlehem

The Church of the Nativity is one of the oldest Christian churches, built around 330 on the initiative of Emperor Constantine I and mother Elena on the ruins of a pagan temple built in the period of Hadrian on the places where the early Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus, and enlarged and restored in the sixth century in the Emperor Justinian I. The complex has undergone several expansions and modifications both in the Crusader period that in later centuries, presenting today as a complex system of volumes and structures that divide the Franciscan monastery, the Orthodox monastery and the Armenian monastery, the three complexes located around the walls of the basilica.

Consider the needs of restoring the covers, the trussed roof, the wall surfaces, mosaics, and the entrance with its wooden door of the thirteenth century, in 2010, following an international tender, the preliminary study of the monument was assigned to a multidisciplinary team coordinated by University of Ferrara, with the aim of drawing up the restoration project and, in 2013, the Palestinian government has promoted the restoration whose execution of the work was assigned to the company Piacenti S.p.A., under the supervision of universities.

The company Piacenti S.p.A. has conducted and carried out the restoration worksite of the Basilica joining teams of highly skilled technicians and workers in every field of art and construction; dealing the portions studying and using products compatible and respectful of the monument for the protection and the promotion of the complex.