170 between partners, collaborators, subcontractors and consultants. 33 materials’ shipments, 2,800 square meters of scaffolding, 20 tons of old wood, 200 kg of resin to wood screws only 55,000 for the roof; 2000 square meters of plywood, 2,800 square meters of sheets of lead, 2 tons of wool from Prato. 3 and a half years of work. Countless tons of passion and courage; 130 square meters of restored mosaic. An Armenian Door restored. 1 Column Restored. 4 Columns in Restoration. 69 world authorities on an official visit.
A world press’s cuttings.
Where: Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Palestine.
Who: Piacenti S.P.A.
When: August 23, 2013
Why: Restoration