Matters India – Pope Francis thanks ROACO group for support of Eastern Churches

Pope Francis met on Thursday with members of the ROACO (Reunion of Aid Agencies for the Oriental Churches) Assembly which raises funds for Christians in the Eastern-rite Churches.

Among those taking part in the meeting were the papal representatives from Jerusalem, Lebanon, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq and Jordan, as well as the new Franciscan Custos of the Holy Land, Fr Francesco Patton.

In his greetings to the group, Pope Francis thanked them for their work, in particular the task of helping to fund the restoration of the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem and the small shrine of Christ’s tomb at the heart of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Noting that the restoration work in Bethlehem has unearthed the mosaic of a seventh angel in the nave of the Basilica, the Pope reflected on the way the face of our own communities can also be covered by ‘incrustations’ as a result of all our problems and sins. Yet all your work, the Pope said, must unfailingly be guided by the certainty that, beneath material and moral incrustations, and the tears and bloodshed caused by war, violence and persecution, there is a radiant face like that of the angel in the mosaic.

Restoring the face of the Church

All of you, with your projects and your activities, the Pope said, are part of a “restoration” that will enable the face of the Church to reflect visibly the light of Christ the Word Incarnate. He is our peace, the Pope insisted, and he is knocking at the doors of our heart in the Middle East, as he does in India or in Ukraine, a country for which he recently called for a special collection to be taken among all

European Churches in support of those suffering the effects of the conflict.

Spiritual riches of East and West

Pope Francis noted that the ROACO meeting, which has been taking place in Rome this week, has also been focused on the presence of the Syro-Malabar and Syro-Manlankara Churches in the territories of India outside Kerala where they are based. It is a sign of hope that, he said, that progress can be made in respect for the proper rights of each, without a spirit of division. Rather, he stressed, in all those parts of the world where Latin and Oriental Catholics live side-by-side, our Churches need the spiritual riches of East and West as a source from which coming generations can draw.

Finally, Pope Francis blessed the members of the group, asking for their prayers as he prepares for his pilgrimage next week to Armenia, a land of the East and the first country to adopt Christianity as its state religion.

Please find below the full text of Pope Francis’ address to the ROACO Assembly

Dear Friends,

I offer you a warm welcome and I thank Cardinal Sandri for his kind words of introduction. To each of you, and the communities from which you come, I offer a cordial greeting. I am grateful for the zeal that all of you have shown in carrying out the mission entrusted to you, and for your attention to the needs of our brothers and sisters in the East. Present at this meeting, too, are the Papal Representatives in Jerusalem, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan, and Ukraine. They accompany the life of the Churches and peoples of those countries, demonstrating the closeness of the Pope and the Holy See not only through their contacts but also through gestures of concrete charity, in coordination with all the concerned offices of the Holy See.

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