Restoration of the Roncioniana Library in Prato was carried out in order to recuperate the aesthetic balance of the painted wooden surfaces that are fundamental to the harmonious appearance of the library reading room. The magnificent eighteenth-century interior consists of pannels that protect the priceless ancient manuscripts. The library is noteable for it’s original wooden shelving which has, in the course of time, been modified to encorporate the increasing number of volumes to be housed. There is a wooden walkway with carved balustrade that separates the lower section from the upper level. The restoration focused on recovery of the wooden structure by dusting, renovating and grouting the panels, colour revision; painting, renovation of joins; adjustments to the upper portion of the library where a fire prevention system has been installed; restoration of fixtures; restoration of the main door; restoration of the main entrance to the cellars; checking the solidity of sandstone window surrounds on the façade; and review of the system of rainwater drainage from balconies on the exterior of the building.

Galleria – The Roncioniana Library Prato